Gin Lane Gazette

By Adrian Teal

Heat magazine – 18th century style

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Friends Reunited

Had a splendid day in Oxford with Emily Brand and Lisa Hunter.

Lisa is a genius graphic designer, who helped me pep up my Gin Lane Gazette sample pages with gorgeously authentic Georgian fonts and ageing techniques. She's also the nicest person in the world. Officially.

Emily is a brilliant, budding writer and historian at Shire Publications, who very kindly let me borrow some original newspapers from the 1760s in her possession, which I plundered shamelessly for stories which will appear in the finished book. She is also a fellow Georgian enthusiast, and is currently researching a book about bawdy-houses. Mouth-watering. (The topic, that is, not Emily. Although....) 

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Rob Lucas
 Rob Lucas says:

Sounds like a great day! I only discovered your Gin Lane Gazette today otherwise I'd loved to have met you as I live in Oxford.

posted 4th December 2011

Adrian Teal
 Adrian Teal says:

A fine city. Perhaps next time. Feel free to spread the word about the Gazette, and thanks for your support.

posted 4th December 2011

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