Gin Lane Gazette

By Adrian Teal

Heat magazine – 18th century style

I am pleas’d to record that the great volume of Advertisements, plac’d in the pages of my Gazette by tradesmen, merchants, & Mountebanks, generated much welcome Revenue, & led happily to a renew’d acquaintance with Dr. SHINSAW. My erstwhile Mentor had left His Majesty’s Service, & establish’d himself as a Physician in our City, selling to our Patrons his Nostrum for Venereal Taints - known as Shinsaw’s Sovereign ELECTUARY - via our Gin-Lane premises. This prov’d a most lucrative Bargain.

The first Year of this new Decade saw a sudden proliferation of Attacks upon Citizens by MAD DOGS, & on this account much Fear & Consternation was spread through the Populace of London.

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