Gibbous House

By Ewan Lawrie

Nicholas Nickleby meets Psycho in a gothic, 19th-century noir

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Words, Words, Words.

A fool may gain the reputation of being wise if he have but wit enough to hold his tongue 

           Proverbs 7:27


Got to hand it to that Bible book, it knows some good stuff. Billy Shakesbeer thought so, he stole enough lines from it. As you can tell I'm not one for following the excellent advice in the proverb above. At least, I'm not holding back on the keystrokes.

What are words worth?
What are words worth? Words

           Tom Tom Club Wordy Rappinghood

As nihilistic a song as ever I've heard. As someone who attempts to write, I'm prone to thinking about this song a little too often, you can hear it here:

[This was a link to the song mentioned above on youtube]

As you can see this is a rambling post about nothing much at all. Gibbous House's campaign is at 76%.

[This was an image of a road sign for Route 76, wherever that is]

What's interesting about 76? Hmm....

It's a Lucas number (no, not him): a Lucas number is a brother of the more famous Fibonacci number, rather like Mycroft is to Sherlock Holmes. 76 is the sum of 29 and 47. Here's the thing, that sneaky French mathmetician started his Lucas sequence - not like Fibonacci with a predictable 0, 1 - with 2,1. Now that's crazy maths.

76 is the number of trombones in the big parade.

It's the atomic number of Osmium, which has been used as a brand name for light bulbs.

Well, that's all folks. This is the kind of thing you'll find in a writer's shed. Scraps of facts and meanderings.

Keep on pledging.




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