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Monday, 8 December 2014

The Moon for Sixpence

[Image was from website, showed a gibbous moon]

Warning, may contain poetry.

There was an interesting item on the BBC News this morning

The part that interested me most was in the fifth paragraph - where many interesting items and details are to be found in news stories - concerning the funding of this Mission to the Moon. Without wishing to give everything away, the words 'public' and 'donations' were in close proximity.

Most unfortunately for you readers, this inspired me to write a poem which follows below.


Crowd-funding the Moon

I heard the news today,

about a rocket to the moon.

Venturesome cap-it-all-ism

is looking for pledgers.

The kind of person that

will send a toe-nail to Selene

for the price of a Knightsbridge flat.


I thought about reasons

for this “sending” to the moon.

Defective cool narcissists

are looking for glory.

The kind of notice that

will mean a gnat's eyeball when we're gone

and the world is a cockroach farm.


I write this poem down

as I look upward to the moon,

egotistical and dismissive

of wishing for symbols.

The kind of signpost that

is just to show one's passing,

and the place we started from.


So, on reflection, although I can be dismissive of anyone who might contribute to the moon mission, is it any less worthy than writing a book, or helping to get it published? 

May all your dreams be big ones.



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