The Curse of the Dirty Bottles

Monday, 24 November 2014

... or as the locals in Alnwick, Northumberland say it, 'Thi Dorty Bottles', is going to re-open at Christmas. It was a sad day when it closed down a few years ago. Open for over two centuries, the pub was actually called Ye Old Cross Inn. Due to "The Curse of the Dirty Bottles", said bottles remained untouched in one of the front windows for around that time. A sign was affixed at the window, which read 'Dirty Bottles',so most people, including little old underage drinker me, knew it by that name.

Anyway, I couldn't write a novel featuring 19th Century Alnwick without mentioning this most famous hostelry. When you pledgers get your book you can read about what nefarious business Moffat got up to there. In the meantime an account of the legend is here.

The Unbounders have received sketches for cover illustration! Exciting times, can't wait to see them.

Thanks to all contributors, tell all your friends about Unbound and Gibbous House, there's still time to be at the launch party or get their name in the back of the book.


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Amy Alderson
Amy Alderson says:

When I supported your book I didn't realise it was set in Alnwick! I'm from Alnwick but moved away quite a few years ago. Even more excited to get the finished book now.

November 25, 2014

Ewan Lawrie
Ewan Lawrie says:

Yes, Amy, part of Gibbous House is set in Alnwick, the majority of the book's events take place in Northumberland. You're not as excited as I am!

November 26, 2014

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