Gibbous House

By Ewan Lawrie

Nicholas Nickleby meets Psycho in a gothic, 19th-century noir

Monday, 8 August 2016

The Big Push

(Image posted 21 May 21, I took it, ok?)

Someone once said that getting a book published must be like giving birth. I'd say that it was me, but what do I know about giving birth?

I am begging another favour from the faithful readers of this shed. Unbound are keeping the Name-in-the-Book option open for another 4 days. Last chance 23.59 August the 12th. If you are reading this, you already have your name guaranteed in the back. Could I ask you all to pester your friends, tweet a link, share one of my facebook posts with the link embedded, send smoke signals from the top of the nearest hill, to encourage a few more people to pledge? The book, as you see, is fully funded. Any further funds raised will be spent on marketing. Yes, MARKETING. This is the only thing that will give Gibbous House any chance in the shops. YOU have all been very generous already with your money, now I am asking for a minute of your time.

I'll be looking for opportunities to promote the book in local papers, the Northumberland Gazette for example, or all the free English rags here in Southern Spain. Contact me if you know of any radio stations that might be interested when the book is out, any interviews would be over Skype.

Anyway, thank you for all you have done already, and many more thanks for anything you can do to help now.

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