Gibbous House

By Ewan Lawrie

Nicholas Nickleby meets Psycho in a gothic, 19th-century noir

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Roll Up, Roll Up



[Image was WC Fields as a carnival barker: US Copyright expired as it was such an old film, but, lIke I said, whose books make 750 quid in five years? Not mine]

The galloping mare that is Gibbous House's campaign is careering down the home straight. To save this poor jockey from brandishing his whip, Unbound is holding a draw for Launch Party tickets: everyone who contributes from now until the target is reached is eligible. I'll buy the winner a drink too, when I meet them. Now that's an offer. There's a free poem with this shed post below, I hope it doesn't put you off telling your friends about this chance to win a great prize. Facebook them, Twittificate them ( deep breath …) Phone Them Up! TALK TO THEM! There's every chance that this will be a launch party that Unbound will remember for years.


Roll Up


Roll up, Jimmy,

put a dime in the slot,

pull hard on the handle,

lemme give ya all I got.


Aces up a jacket sleeve

and a blade in my boot,

got a chance o' winnin'

if you join the turkey shoot.



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