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How to Live to Be 100

Thursday, 2 October 2014


You all remember these, right? Did you have Desiderata  on a poster, on your wall in your university digs? And what about that record by Baz Luhrmann, Sunscreen. I wrote this poem a while ago. It's one of those self-help/good advice things.

How to Live to Be 100

Avoid reading government advice sheets:
if you want a drink, have one.
Pay someone a compliment every day.
Touch someone else's bare skin,
whenever you can.
Live every day as if...
(that's it, as if).
Avoid food that comes in packaging.
Cook your own food, and someone else's.
Notice everything; 
from buttercup to butterfly.
Sing loud; in public.
Laugh out loud until it hurts,
especially at yourself.
Treat doing a favour as a privilege,
not a chore.
Believe in something,
yourself will do.

Don't expect to
-and what you get,
might be enough.




Gibbous House is at 76%; thanks everyone.


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