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Why write fiction about the Tour, and not a non-fiction book?

Thursday, 14 September 2017

When I first thought I'd write about the 1919 Tour de France, I was going to write non-fiction. A sort of stage-by-stage recounting of what happened in the Tour.

But then - this has been done to death for plenty of other Tours - and I didn't feel that I would be able to get across the real character of this Tour, which - remember - took place just just as the Treaty of Versailles was being signed…

Why the 1919 Tour?

Saturday, 9 September 2017

I could have chosen any Tour - but the 1919 is the Tour that jumped out at me above all others. 

The early tours were notoriously difficult - and intentionally so. Organiser Henri Desgrange believed that the ideal Tour was one where only a single man arrived at the finish. Riders were torn between protesting the workman-like conditions of the racing, and the enormous amounts of money available…

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