Second draft submitted

Sunday, 19 March 2017

I've been incredibly remiss with these updates lately, so thanks for bearing with me. It's been a hard slog balancing redrafts with the day job, and whilst there's been a slight delay in submitting my second draft, it's only because I wanted the manuscript to shine as much as I thought it could. It's looking great now, so I promise the wait was worth it!

Only a few months ago I was assigned by structural editor, who is none other than the legendary Michael Rowley, a tour de force in the sci-fi and genre fiction worlds. With experience as a bookseller, fiction buyer, publisher and now editor, his knowledge has been crucial in taking Ghosts in the Machine to the next level. Michael has worked with the likes of Andy Weir, Django Wexler and the award-winning Kameron Hurley, to name but a few. It's been incredibly inspiring.

Thanks to Michael's input, there is a greater depth to the story and the characters are more rounded. More importantly, Michael is a proponent of effective worldbuilding, so his suggestions have resulted in a much more engaging read that feels complete. Although you will be the ultimate judge of that, of course.

The text is now back with Michael and the editorial team, so I expect things will move quickly from now on. Thanks for being so patient as we continue on the publishing journey. I look forward to sharing the finished book with you soon.

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