George Canning Is My Son

By Julian Crowe

A new biography of the remarkable Mary Ann Hunn.

Tuesday, 31 December 2019

The Long Letter -- a play based on Mary Ann's story

A couple of days ago I sent the text of George Canning Is My Son to Unbound so that the editing process can begin.  I don't know how much will have to be done and how long it will take, but I'm told the provisional publication date is before the end of 2020.  We'll see.  But supporters who so kindly showed faith and subscribed to the book are that much closer to getting it in their hands.

Meanwhile, those who live in London and would like another view of Mary Ann's story might be interested in the play The Long Letter, based on Mary Ann's own account of her life, which is being performed at the Whitebear Theatre in Kennington from 14 to 18 January 2020.  For more information and to book tickets see the Whitebear Theatre's website.

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