George Canning Is My Son

By Julian Crowe

A new biography of the remarkable Mary Ann Hunn.

Friday, 22 January 2021

Snapping the chain

After two months' work Mary Ann drew her account of her life to a close: "I know not that I have any thing more to say," she wrote, "— but my heart lingers on the momentous subject, and clings to it, as a sort of link of the chain that binds us to each other — and I fear to snap it rudely, lest it never shoud close again."  I feel something of the same, because after more than twenty-five years I have finally handed over the text of my book to be printed.

Turning over in her mind what she had written, Mary Ann thought of things that needed to be changed, and no doubt that is what I shall be doing night and day in the weeks to come. She asked to have her manuscript back so she could tinker with it, but perhaps fortunately I can't do that.  No more amendments, no more additions.  Spelling mistakes, misplaced punctuation and verbal infelicities -- not to mention factual errors -- must now go uncorrected.  But we hope the book, with all its solecisms, will be in your hands sometime in March.


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