Genius Loci

By Rob Dwiar

A grand tour of video game landscapes and gardens

Wednesday, 22 February 2023

Some personal news, and a bit of change…

Good news, everyone! Not to be too morbid, but I survived my shoulder surgery! It was only minor, and something I’m, unfortunately, quite familiar with, but hopefully fixes the pain and trouble I was having before.

However, echoing a note on my Twitter profile recently, while this week has seen me finally be able to get rid of all my plasters and steri-strips from said surgery, it also marks my final week in the day job as Commissioning Editor for Hardware at the big games media website, GamesRadar. I’ve had a blast at the website helping to build out the site’s gaming tech coverage, but change is good, and now feels like the right time for a new adventure; there’s nothing like teaming a new year with a new career move (and a fix to one’s body).

I’ve always wanted to have a crack at a ‘proper’ games-focused editorial and writing role (as opposed to the tech), and I’m very pleased to say that this new adventure is exactly that: I’ll be the new Games Editor over at, joining that team at an exciting time of growth, change, and opportunity.

It’s a thrilling time, all in, and I’m genuinely hopeful that this will bring another surge of interest in, and support to, Genius Loci and keep the ball continuing to roll on steadily. We’re approaching 40% funding right now, which is a great feat for such a niche - but very awesome - book!

I’ll be back again with more landscape-focused updates soon, particularly when I am fully recovered, but in the meantime, as always, a thousand thank yous for your continued support.

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