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A grand tour of video game landscapes and gardens

Monday, 13 March 2023

A little springtime reset...

It’s time for the late winter/early spring reset in the garden. This is something that can be equally satisfying and daunting every year - satisfying as it helps bring order back to the garden, but daunting because it may require a bit of effort! However, it’s always something that’s ‘net gain’: the results are (almost) always good, and those results are tangible and come from one’s direct actions and input.

I need to finish this year’s reset in my garden: even in a small plot, there’s plenty to chop back, clear, prune, and get rid of to prepare and make room for next year’s growth and horticultural bounty. It’s something that I find quite therapeutic, too; reducing the garden to a semi-naked, bare-bones state, but knowing that it’ll come back roaring in only a matter of weeks. 

After my recent hiatus, I’m going to channel this approach and energy into Genius Loci too - and by coincidence, I had a chat recently that was brilliant for reigniting the fire in me for the book and what I can’t wait to write about. Out of the blue recently, a landscape architect, and backer of Genius Loci, contacted me to say hello; and we quickly arranged to chat over Zoom about the book and landscape architects’ potential role in game design and development. This really fanned the (ever-present) flames in me again for Genius Loci - and particularly helped after my being out of action post-surgery and being distracted a little by starting a new full-time job.

I also stumbled back on the video that Unbound put together for my book when we launched, and even seeing that gets me excited all over again. I've attached it to this update as a pleasant companion to this text!

I have some exciting ideas and thoughts on getting the Genius Loci wheels greased and turning freely once again in 2023, and I hope you can continue to help by sharing and spreading the word.

As ever, many, many, thanks for your continued support!

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Peter Jackson
 Peter Jackson says:

Cracking post and video - well done so far - appreciate more work still to do but feel it will be all worth it for a successful launch

posted 14th March 2023

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