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Progress on writing Gender Euphoria

Thursday, 30 July 2020

Hey Everyone, just wanted to give you all an update on how the book is coming along.

So, after a VERY busy July spent writing, I have finished the first draft of my essays for Gender Euphoria. my number of essays and wordcount should account for 35-40% of the finished book's length, with the rest being made up by contributor essays.

Obviously I'm going to need to spend some time doing revisions…

Gender Euphoria is Fully Funded!!! - Here's What Happens Next

Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Hello Everyone

So, Gender Euphoria has been fully funded in under six days, which is better than I possibly could have hoped. Thank you so much to everyone who has already pledged their support to the book.

So, here's an update on where the book is at in development. Now that we are fully funded, i am able to properly pay all of our wonderful contributors for their essays for the anthology.…

Publication date: June 2021
163% funded
1272 backers