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Gender Euphoria

By Laura Kate Dale

Stories of Joy from Trans, Non Binary and Intersex Writers

Autobiography | Campaigns
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Publication date: June 2021

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So often when we see pop culture portrayals of trans people’s lives, hear stories shared by trans people about their transitions, or accounts by the media about trans people’s lives, those stories focus on misery and discomfort. Gender dysphoria, a feeling of deep discomfort with your birth-assigned gender, is a powerful catalyst for many non-cisgender people coming out or transitioning, but it’s not the be all and end all of our experiences.

For many non cisgender people, it’s not gender dysphoria that pushes forward transition, but gender euphoria, a powerful feeling of happiness experienced as a result of moving away from that birth-assigned gender. It’s that joy the first time a parent calls you by your new chosen name, or the first time you have the confidence to cut your hair short like you’ve always wanted, joy at embracing the self.

Featuring essays from 15 trans, non-binary, agender, gender fluid, and intersex authors, as well as several essays from author and trans woman Laura Kate Dale, Gender Euphoria: Stories of Joy from Trans, Non Binary and Intersex Writers seeks to show the world the sheer variety of ways being non cisgender can be a beautiful, joyful experience.

Laura Kate Dale has experienced countless moments of elation, pride, confidence, freedom, and ecstasy as a direct result of coming out as a trans woman the better part of a decade ago, and she is not alone. There are countless stories from trans, non binary, agender, gender fluid, and intersex people about the ways that coming to terms with gender brought unimaginable happiness and love into lives.

The anthology will contain essays from a vast array of non-cisgender writers of different orientations, backgrounds, and with a varied selection of experiences to share. From an agender dominatrix being called 'Daddy', to an Arab trans man getting his first tattoos in spite of cultural taboo, a non-binary intersex writer not having to choose between puberties to a trans woman embracing her inner fighter.

Do you need some stories of joy in your life, or know someone who does? Pledge here to make this book a reality and bring a little more gender euphoria to the world.

  • A high quality, B-format paperback book.
  • At least 15 essays from writers of different orientations, backgrounds, and with a varied selection of experiences to share.
  • Approximately 272 pages, and 70,000 words.
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  • Laura Kate Dale avatar

    Laura Kate Dale

    Laura Kate Dale has spent the past five years as a full time writer, splitting her time between online articles, and physical published books.

    She primarily works as a video game critic, having held editorial positions at sites including Kotaku UK and Destructoid, and having written freelance work for IGN, Polygon, Vice, Syfy, and more.

    She also writes about LGBT representation and disability accessibility, with bylines at The Guardian, The Huffington Post, and The BBC.

    Laura released a memoir in 2019 titled Uncomfortable Labels: My Life as a Gay Autistic Trans Woman. In 2020, she has a silly and serious illustrated video game coffee table book being published, titled Things I Learned From Mario’s Butt. Gender Euphoria: Stories of Joy from Trans, Non Binary and Intersex Writers is expected to be Laura’s third published book.

  • So often, when we see pop culture portrayals of trans people’s lives, hear stories shared by trans people about their transitions, or accounts by the media about trans people and their transitions, those stores focus on misery and discomfort.

    It makes sense why this happens. For many transgender people, a big part of what initially pushes us to realise we need to come out is experiencing Gender Dysphoria, an unpleasant feeling of disconnect between our gender assigned at birth, and our own knowledge of our lived experience. Maybe you hit puberty and start growing facial hair, or your voice drops, or you start growing breasts, and suddenly you feel uncomfortable, like the changes happening to your body are alien, are transforming you into someone you don’t want to be. All those quietly held thoughts about not being your birth assigned gender you might have grown up with suddenly have a focal point, your body is changing and you don’t like what it’s becoming.

    Not every trans person experiences dysphoria, and it’s certainly not required to be valid as a trans person, but there’s a reason it gets talked about so often, and it is used as part of diagnostic criteria. It’s quite often what kicks a person from spending years thinking “It sure would be nice to be a different gender to the one I was assigned at birth” into actually deciding to make a change in who they want to live as. Gender Dysphoria is a catalyst, it lights a fire under many, and underscores the aspects of themselves they’re unhappy living with.

    Transgender people all around the world today, to greater or lesser degrees, are still fighting for legal recognition of their gender status, legal protections, rights, and their safety. When it comes to explaining why you need the right to live the way you do, explaining that you feel uncomfortable with yourself, that you need to alleviate a pain deeply lodged in you, that’s easy to explain quickly and easily. Everyone has been hurt emotionally in their lives, and it’s easy to understand why you would want to take steps to avoid that discomfort.

    Beyond that even, the media plays a part in that framing of the trans narrative. If you want people to feel sympathy for the trans community, explain we’re escaping dysphoria. If you want to demonise the community, tell people our dysphoria is a delusion, and shouldn’t be indulged. It can be spun differently depending who’s trying to spin it, which makes it a powerful aspect of the way trans stories are so often portrayed.

    I know I myself as a trans person fall into this trap sometimes when discussing my own transition. When I wrote my memoir a few years ago, sure it touched on some positives and joyful moments, but that certainly wasn’t the focus. I wrote a lot about not fitting in growing up, about struggling to be accepted when I came out, and I wrote about the challenges I am facing in the world today. It made sense to share those parts of my story with the world, but it also got me thinking about how prevalent that narrative can be when discussing trans stories.

    Over the couple of years since then, I have thought a lot about the importance of celebrating the fact that stories of transition are not all just about doom and gloom, as much as it may sometimes feel that way. I’ve experienced countless moments of elation, pride, confidence, freedom, and ecstasy as a direct result of my coming out as a trans woman the better part of a decade ago, and I know I am not alone. When I talk to my trans, non binary, agender, gender fluid, and intersex friends, I have heard countless wonderful stories about the ways that coming to terms with gender brought unimaginable happiness and love into lives.

    When I said earlier that Gender Dysphoria isn’t a required part of being trans, I meant it. When I say that, sometimes people ask me how someone would know they were trans, if not for feeling uncomfortable with their body and the way they were born. And to that, I say the answer is simple. If you try presenting yourself as something other than your birth assigned gender, and it makes you feel euphoric, that’s just as valid a reason to transition as escaping dysphoria. Gender Euphoria is an equally valid reason to transition.

    I’m not going to pretend that the world isn’t sometimes a bit miserable for non cisgender people. I’m not going to pretend a lot of us didn’t have a rough road to get where we are now. But, this book isn’t about that. This book is about Gender Euphoria. This book is about people doing small actions and grand gestures that made them feel radiantly themselves, and wonderfully at peace. This book is about stories of Transition as Euphoria.

  • Laura Kate Dale has written 2 private updates. You can pledge to get access to them all.

    5th October 2021 A new Laura Kate Dale book!

    Hi All.

    Thank you so much again everyone who picked up a copy of Gender Euphoria. The response to the book was overwhelmingly positive, and I am so proud of the end result. I really hope I can work on another similar project in the near future. I already have some ideas.

    I'm dropping you a message today to let you know that I have another new book currently crowdfunding on Unbound.

    The book…

    30th July 2020 Progress on writing Gender Euphoria

    Hey Everyone, just wanted to give you all an update on how the book is coming along.

    So, after a VERY busy July spent writing, I have finished the first draft of my essays for Gender Euphoria. my number of essays and wordcount should account for 35-40% of the finished book's length, with the rest being made up by contributor essays.

    Obviously I'm going to need to spend some time doing revisions…

    30th June 2020 Gender Euphoria is Fully Funded!!! - Here's What Happens Next

    Hello Everyone

    So, Gender Euphoria has been fully funded in under six days, which is better than I possibly could have hoped. Thank you so much to everyone who has already pledged their support to the book.

    So, here's an update on where the book is at in development. Now that we are fully funded, i am able to properly pay all of our wonderful contributors for their essays for the anthology.…

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  • Rebecca Baldwin
    Rebecca Baldwin asked:

    Hi- will there be an ebook version?

    Laura Kate Dale
    Laura Kate Dale replied:

    Yep, there is an EBook version available as one of the options on this very page :)

    roald lee
    roald lee asked:

    What is the rating of the book? (specifically, are there any content warnings that readers, especially younger readers, should be aware of?)

    Laura Kate Dale
    Laura Kate Dale replied:

    So, most of the book's essays are family friendly, with a couple of exceptions which will be noted on their specific chapters. The main thing to be aware of is a couple of essays in the book discuss sex. I recognise that this will for some people be a deal breaker, but considering how rarely non cis people get to hear positive stories about having fulfilling sex lives, it felt an important aspect of life to cover in an anthology about non cisgender positivity. I believe there are two essays that touch on sex to various degrees. One is about a trans woman learning to love sex after transition, and one is about an Agender Dominatrix. The latter essays as I understand it will more focus on aspects of kink, rather than necessarily sex, but obviously that's a similar topic. Both essays will be labelled up front as containing sexual content. It's a relatively small portion of the book, which can be skipped over without issue. Otherwise, I believe the rest of the book should be fairly family friendly.

    A. Schmitt
    A. Schmitt asked:

    Will there be essays by trans men as well?

    Laura Kate Dale
    Laura Kate Dale replied:

    Yes, for sure. I tried to keep things balanced, so there are a roughly equal number of essays written by trans men as trans women.

    Kishawn Davis
    Kishawn Davis asked:

    Hi, any update? I still haven’t gotten any of my rewards!

    Unbound replied:

    Hi Kishawn, We're just waiting for the art prints to arrive and then we can get your rewards to you. Sorry for the delay.