The Little Girl Who Gave Zero Fucks

By Amy Kean (author) and J Milton (illustrator)

A fairy tale of everyday bravery and beautifully illustrated feminist handbook for the modern day

Thursday, 25 January 2018

'You Will Change The World.' Order an exclusive Valentine's card through Unbound!

"What a force the world is only now seeing... just you, a wonderful human being." 

Hello, friends! 

A lot of people think that Valentine's Day is lame. Old-fashioned. 

I suppose it can be depressing if your self-esteem relies on getting a truckload of roses delivered to your door every February 14th, but as an opportunity to tell people we love that we love them, I'm OK with it. 

In fact, it's a lovely day to remind daughters, sons, partners, friends, sisters, brothers, aunties, exes, teachers, dads, mums, doctors, penguins and Alexa that we're glad they exist. 

The point of The Little Girl Who Gave Zero Fucks is to be positive, welcoming and celebrate everyday bravery. So, Jess and I have produced a greetings card to celebrate this very necessary occasion.

It's A5, glossy (SO glossy), comes with its own envelope (obvs), has a lovely illustration on the front and a brand new poem on the inside. There's no swears so it's suitable for kids AND it's non-gender, non-relationship-specific. 

Loooooooook! How pretty! 

There's three ways you can get your grubby, pretty little mitts on this card before 14th February: 

  1. Buy it. Immediately. For £10, postage included, from the Unbound site.  Order now and I'll get that card in the post quicker than you can say "shall I compare thee to a summer's day"! 
  2. Upgrade a current pledge, from regular hardback or signed copy to a 'Valentine's Special', on the site. 
  3. Upgrade a current best friend bundle to the Valentine's Version.  All of this stuff is in the Pledge section of the book's page and very easy to do! 

Personally, I will be sending Beyonce a card this year. And maybe Michael Sheen. And my sister's dog.  And also myself, if I have any spare. Who am I kidding, of course I'll be sending one to myself: basically this whole project is just a self-congratulatory love letter that I'm asking you to fund. Jokes!

As always, 10% of author's profits go to the charity Writing Through, who work to build confidence in kids and women in Cambodia and Singapore (and soon Vietnam!) through creative workshops. Their work continues to inspire me every damn day. 

And finally, now payday is a'comin there's still the option to upgrade or get your friends to pre-order a copy of the book - we're at 114% funded now and when we hit 125% every pledger gets their own masterfully crafted colouring book which I've tested out and must say it was a therapeutic exprience. I was therapised. 

You'll get another exciting update next month!

Thank you. 

Love n' hugs n' shits n' gigs,

Amy and Jess ❤️


The Little Girl Who Gave Zero Fucks FAQs

When will the book be published? The book is currently in production and will be published in the second half of this year, 2018. 

Why is it taking so long? Producing and printing books via a publishing house takes quite a while because... well, it just does. In fact, we're actually speeding up the process with this book because it's so goddamn timely! 

Is it too late to pledge? Nope! You can 'pledge' (which is basically now a pre-order) for the next few months. 

I want a different name in the back of the book. Can I change it? Yeah, man. Just get in touch with me or the people at Unbound. It's no biggie. 

I pledged for some MERCH. When will I get it? Soon! I promise I'm sorting this ASAP! 

I saw something about a 'festival of zero fucks' when's this happening? In May! 

Are you OK? Yeah I'm good, thanks. 

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