Dice Men: The Origin Story of Games Workshop

By Ian Livingstone with Steve Jackson

Thursday, 15 June 2023

Magic Realms: The Art of Fighting Fantasy




Dear Dice Men supporters, I am writing to give you a sneak preview of a new project Magic Realms: The Art of Fighting Fantasy and offer you a chance to back the project before we publically launch it next week. 

If you use the code MAGIC10 at checkout you will receive a 10% discount. This offer ENDS at midnight Sunday 18 June (BST). It is a reward for the people that made Dice Men possible, so please don't share on social media until we officially announce the book next Monday 19th June.

About the book...

In August 1982, Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone’s first Fighting Fantasy gamebook was published by Puffin Books. It was an innovative branching narrative fantasy adventure and had a simple game system and the intriguing title of The Warlock of Firetop Mountain. What followed was nothing less than a publishing phenomenon. By the 40th anniversary of the first title, more than 20 million Fighting Fantasy gamebooks had been sold worldwide in over 30 languages.

Over the years, the one thing that the books, as well as the spin-off novels, role-playing games, comics, board games, miniature figurines, and video games all had in common was the incredible artwork which helped define Fighting Fantasy. From the heroes to the characters, to the settings, to the legions of terrifying monsters, the world of Fighting Fantasy was brought to life by a succession of hugely talented artists.

Magic Realms is a full colour hardback book (the same size as Dice Men) which celebrates the incredible art of the brilliant and highly respected fantasy and science fiction artists who, over the years, worked with the Fighting Fantasy authors to bring their interactive adventures to life. Written by Fighting Fantasy co-creator Ian Livingstone and Fighting Fantasy historian Jonathan Green, The Art of Fighting Fantasy is a who’s who of fantasy art. 

Includes artwork from: Chris Achilleos, Robert Ball, Malcolm Barter, Tazio Bettin, Brian Bolland, John Blanche, Jim Burns, Les Edwards, David Gallagher, Mel Grant, Leo Hartas, Tony Hough, Karl Kopinski, Alan Langford, Terry Oakes, Iain McCaig, Mike McCarthy, Martin McKenna, Ian Miller, Russ Nicholson, John Sibbick, Duncan Smith, Greg Staples, Gary Ward & Edward Crosby.


Terms and Conditions

Use code MAGIC10 at checkout for 10% off pledges for Magic Realms. Only one use per customer. Valid on purchases up to £100. Discount valid until midnight Sunday 18 June (BST).

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Luke Williams
 Luke Williams says:

Is the hardback not available anymore?

posted 15th June 2023

Duncan Graham
 Duncan Graham says:

Just wondering the same thing... I literally just received an email promoting the book.

posted 15th June 2023

Jarrod Rice
 Jarrod Rice says:

The sold out hardback is the Dice Men book. If you want to see the Magic Realms support options you just need to click the link at the top of the page, or go to this URL: https://unbound.com/books/magic-realms/

posted 15th June 2023

John White
 John White says:

@Jarrod Rice, thanks for that! Saved me from some major disappointment there!

posted 15th June 2023

Adam Biro
 Adam Biro says:

I cannot find the field where the code should be entered.

posted 16th June 2023

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