Dice Men: The Origin Story of Games Workshop

By Ian Livingstone with Steve Jackson

Monday, 6 April 2020

Dice Men update

We've finished writing Dice Men and the manuscript is currently awaiting a final edit. But I suspect publication will be pushed back because of the current Covid-19 situation. Apologies, but there is nothing we do presently.

Stay safe. May you always make your saving throws!



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Adam Baylis-West
 Adam Baylis-West says:

Delays are entirely understandable, of course. I may have to borrow, "May you always make your saving throws!"

posted 6th April 2020

Allan Grohe
 Allan Grohe says:

Looking forward to the final book, Ian and team! :D


posted 15th April 2020

Robert Mackie
 Robert Mackie says:

It’s now August 2020. Could we get another update soon? Looking forward to the book and all. Cheers!

posted 9th August 2020

Ian Livingstone
 Ian Livingstone says:

The book is in final, final edit. Photos and images all sourced. Please bear with us. Thanks, Ian

posted 10th August 2020

David Lee Stone
 David Lee Stone says:

This is one of those projects that will unquestionably be worth waiting for: with any luck, I'll FINALLY have completed Trial of Champions by the time the lunch rolls around. That's not much of a goal, though: I'm 43 and I've been playing it since I was 12.

posted 12th May 2021

Ian Livingstone
 Ian Livingstone says:

In case you finish Trial of Champions before the book comes out, might I suggest you have Crypt of the Sorcerer ready and waiting :)

posted 14th May 2021

David Lee Stone
 David Lee Stone says:

I love Crypt of the Sorcerer: I started that one in my best mate's treehouse in Broadstairs during the Summer of 88 when I was 10 years old and I finally completed it at the Hotel Monaco in Chicago when I was 26! Admittedly, I haven't completed it since....

posted 15th September 2021

Fernando Correa
 Fernando Correa says:

When's this book being released ?? Pre ordered it over a year ago

posted 4th October 2021

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