Dice Men: Games Workshop 1975 to 1985

By Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson

A full colour, highly illustrated hardback 288 pages long, A4 (210mm x 297mm) printed on 140gsm gloss art stock, colour printed endpapers and bookmark ribbon

Monday, 5 October 2020

Dice Men - Update

I've received the copyedited text from the copyeditor and am now in the process of assigning photos and images to the text. A lot of work! 

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Richard Brewster
 Richard Brewster says:

Thank you for the update. Looking forward to reading it. :-)

posted 5th October 2020

Clive Thomas
 Clive Thomas says:

Many thanks indeed for this update. I can’t wait to see the final printed version!

posted 5th October 2020

Christian Toft Madsen
 Christian Toft Madsen says:

Excellent news! Looking forward to seeing this.

posted 5th October 2020

Richard Dwerryhouse
 Richard Dwerryhouse says:

Really excited to hear this, please keep the good news coming!

posted 5th October 2020

Blake Shrode
 Blake Shrode says:

Excellent news! Can't wait!

posted 5th October 2020

Warren Saunders
 Warren Saunders says:

The good thing about this taking such a ridiculously long time to complete is that I've gone from actively looking forward to it, to having completely forgotten about it - so it will be a lovely surprise when it does finally arrive!

posted 5th October 2020

Louise Lee
 Louise Lee says:

Great news

posted 5th October 2020

Allan Grohe
 Allan Grohe says:

Appreciate the update, Ian! Can you give us an idea of the final page count, and perhaps share the final TOC?


posted 5th October 2020

John Durrad
 John Durrad says:

Thanks Ian, good things come to those that wait.

posted 9th October 2020

Phillip Lewis
 Phillip Lewis says:

I echo Allan Grohe's request. Any more info on content or some sort of preview would be most interesting.

posted 20th October 2020

Ian Livingstone
 Ian Livingstone says:

The final page count will be 200+ and the plan is to include 200+ photos and images. Although not final, the provisional chapter headings are called:

Chapter 1 - 1966 and All That
Chapter 2 - The Name of the Game
Chapter 3 - The Owl & Weasel
Chapter 4 - Dungeons & Dragons
Chapter 5 - Games Day
Chapter 6 - The Road to Lake Geneva
Chapter 7 - Back to Blighty
Chapter 8 - White Dwarf
Chapter 9 - Dalling Road
Chapter 10 - Citadel Miniatures
Chapter 11 - Independence Day
Chapter 12 - Sunbeam Road
Chapter 13 - A Retail Empire
Chapter 14 - The British Empire Strikes Back
Chapter 15 - Computer Games
Chapter 16 - The Warlock of Firetop Mountain
Chapter 17 - Warhammer
Chapter 18 - All Roads Lead to Nottingham

Hope that helps. Again, thanks everyone for your patience.

posted 21st October 2020

Phillip Lewis
 Phillip Lewis says:

Cheers, Ian.

posted 21st October 2020

George Albanis
 George Albanis says:

You picked the Sword I can't believe it! Their earlier two or three albums are very very good especially Freya! Thank you!!

posted 12th November 2020

George Albanis
 George Albanis says:

wrong forum lol

posted 12th November 2020

Phillip Lewis
 Phillip Lewis says:

Hi Ian, Steve,
Could you craft us another update for the new year ?

posted 31st December 2020

Ian Livingstone
 Ian Livingstone says:

We are still on track for publication later this year. Currently working on photos/images/illustrations. Thanks, Ian

posted 15th February 2021

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