Dice Men: The Origin Story of Games Workshop

By Ian Livingstone with Steve Jackson

Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Dice Men update

First, many apologies for the delay in completing this book. When we began the task of writing it we realised that our recollection of events were sometimes vague and many facts needed corroboration, dates in particular. The more we wrote, the more we remembered which we wanted to include. The manuscript is currently over 40,000 words and needs to be edited down. We have also gathered together more than 200 photographs and images, many of which have never been seen in public before. All this has taken far longer than expected. The upshot is that we are planning on delivering the manuscript to Unbound by the end of the month. We co-founded Games Workshop 45 years ago, announcing our arrival in the newsletter below. Now at last the story of the early years is almost ready to be told. Thank you for your patience. We hope the wait for Dice Men will have been worth it. Ian.

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Darren Douglas
 Darren Douglas says:

"over 40,000 words" <-- I see what you did there ;)

posted 4th February 2020

Darren Fillingham
 Darren Fillingham says:

I'm sure it will be worth the wait for those of us who have been fans since the early 80s. Hope it's not edited down too much!

posted 4th February 2020

Richard Brewster
 Richard Brewster says:

Thanks for the update, looking forward to it.

posted 4th February 2020

Allan Grohe
 Allan Grohe says:

Repeating my comment from the previous update, in case you missed it Ian:

I'm glad to hear hear the updates, Ian. These kinds of projects always take longer than planned, so patience helps, on both sides :D

Hopefully most of your newly-rediscovered content can still be included in the book---otherwise there was not much point in the delays, right? I'd much rather read a larger, more lavishly-illustrated book that was late than one that left 35% of its research on the cutting room floor but was on time.

If you're looking for an outside editorial review on the finalized text, I'm happy to assist.


posted 23rd January 2020

posted 4th February 2020

Svein Hjorthaug
 Svein Hjorthaug says:

I wish the text didn't have to be edited down.

posted 4th February 2020

Gavin Thorpe
 Gavin Thorpe says:

I’m going to start using ‘gamester’. Far better than gamer.

posted 4th February 2020

Carl Vandal
 Carl Vandal says:

Fantastic news - looking forward to reading the finished book

posted 4th February 2020

Tim Olsen
 Tim Olsen says:

I can't wait to read the finished product!

posted 4th February 2020

Dominic Davis-Foster
 Dominic Davis-Foster says:

Edit the manuscript down to exactly 40,000 words

posted 5th February 2020

Mark R Cordell
 Mark R Cordell says:

Did the manuscript get delivered by the end of February? Presumably Covid19 has pushed the date back further? Thanks

posted 5th April 2020

Ian Livingstone
 Ian Livingstone says:

I've finished writing and the manuscript is currently awaiting a final edit. But I suspect publication will be pushed back quite a bit somewhat because of the current situation. Apologies, but there is nothing anybody can do about this.

Stay safe everybody. May you always make your saving rolls!

posted 6th April 2020

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