Game On

By Sue Anstiss

The Unstoppable Rise of Women’s Sport

Tuesday, 10 November 2020

294 sleeps to go...

Did I mention it was a long process to get a book published?

Next week, the manuscript will be returned to me following its first, big 'structural edit'.

I'm so excited to see what the editor says - ready for feedback from this expert in the publishing world.

I'll then have a month to incorporate any sugggested changes, as we work towards ensuring the book is the very best it can be for you lovely people to read next year. 

The world of women's sport keeps evolving too, so there are some chapters I'd already like to update since I submitted the manuscript back in September. I'll be making those changes in this month as well. 

There are then a couple more editing stages to follow this first one - copy editng and proof editing - before we eventually get to the point of signing off the book and agreeing what the book cover will look like. Then the selling in and marketing begin. I can't wait. 

It's all feeling a a bit more 'real' now. Writing the book seemed all consuming earlier in the year and it's been strange to not have it constantly in my mind this past month whilst it's been away from me with the editor. 

Huge thanks to Dr Ali Bowes and Laura Weston - my 'expert readers' who kindly reviewed the first draft, along with Kate Hannon and Julia Childs for your practical feedback before it went to the editor.

I will keep you all posted on the next stage. Happy to answer any questions along the way too. 

We're working towards a publication date of September 2, 2021, so you should all receive your books ahead of this in August if all goes to plan.

Thank you again for your wonderful support and patience.

It's lovely to have you all with my on this special journey towards publication. 

Sue x

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Tim O'Connor
 Tim O'Connor says:

Best of luck Sue.

I hope you have counted in our long Brexit negotiations as well? As you know once Jan 1st begins we will only then commence talking about our new business relationships with the rest of the world.

Anyway hope it all goes well for you and the editors as you hunker down for the next year.

Bon Chance


posted 11th November 2020

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