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Game On

By Sue Anstiss

The Unstoppable Rise of Women’s Sport

Feminism | Non fiction
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Publication date: September 2021

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Sue Anstiss loves sport. She has been lucky enough to work in the sports sector for the last 30 years, but as those years have passed, she's become increasingly concerned about the massive disparity for women.

In recent years, the landscape for women’s sport has finally begun to shift. We’ve seen significant increases in sponsorship, more media coverage for female athletes and women taking influential roles as board directors, editors, coaches, officials and CEOs. Yet despite this progress, female athletes still don’t get equal funding or opportunities – even though they train as hard and make the same sacrifices as their male counterparts. In most sports, women receive less prize money, fewer professional contracts, lower sponsorship revenues and a tiny fraction of the media coverage. Why has half the population been deprived of access to something so culturally powerful?

This book will follow Sue's journey as she talks to high profile Olympic and Paralympic champions, sports broadcasters, journalists, sports scientists, CEOs, officials and sponsors, and shares her own experiences, to investigate why change has taken so long and how we can ensure that the recent positive revolution in women’s sport continues. It will uncover why women have been excluded from the world of sport for centuries, and why we should be concerned about it, as well as exploring why things are changing now and what’s made global leaders, brands and the media finally wake up to the potential for women’s sport. Who have been The Game Changers, the trailblazing women opening doors for others in the future?

Game On will give readers the rationale, confidence and means to call out inequality when they see it. It will be a manifesto for women’s sport, providing a rallying cry to ensure the progress we are currently seeing is celebrated and maintained long term.

Sport has an extraordinary, unique capacity to challenge and change society. It brings joy and hope to millions. It can positively impact individuals, families, communities and nations – improving physical and mental health, reducing loneliness and building self-esteem and happiness. It’s also a multi-billion-pound commercial industry that can transform lives, businesses, nations and regions.

This book will open people’s eyes to the fact that increased gender equality across all of sport is good for everyone. By pledging to support it, you can help to redress the balance – bringing more equality to sport, and through that, more equality to society.

  • A high quality, first edition, hardback book.
  • Based on interviews with high profile Olympic and Paralympic champions, sports broadcasters, journalists, sports scientists, CEOs, officials and sponsors.
  • Approximately 304 pages, and 70,000 words.
  • Tons of amazing and exclusive pledge levels!

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  • Sue Anstiss avatar

    Sue Anstiss

    Sue Anstiss received an MBE in 2018 for her services to women’s sport over the past 25 years.

    Sue is a founding Trustee of the Women’s Sport Trust, a charity established after the London 2012 Olympics to raise the visibility and increase the impact of women’s sport.

    After 25 years running a sports PR agency, in 2020 Sue founded Fearless Women, a company with a powerful ambition to drive positive change for women’s sport. Sue is also co-founder of the Women’s Sport Collective, a network that unites women working in sport.

    Sue’s podcast, The Game Changers, was launched in 2019 and features fearless, trailblazing women in sport. Guests include high profile elite sportswomen - Olympians, Paralympians, World and Commonwealth Champions - along with women holding some of the most influential roles in British sport.

  • Sport’s powerful force for good has long been accepted.

    It was 20 years ago that Nelson Mandela said ‘Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire, it has the power to unite people in the way that little else does… Sport can create hope, where once there was only despair. It is more powerful than governments in breaking down racial barriers. It laughs in the face of all types of discrimination.’

    Sport is something unique in our culture. Is has enormous potential to be socially disruptive. It can unite and divide us like nothing else. Enormous national pride results from success at Olympic Games and World Cups, alongside the divisive vitriol and animosity from opposing football fans.

    For many people sport is their ‘go to’ conversation starter. Millions of pounds of business are done every year over a round of golf or in a hospitality box at the cricket. All news bulletins end with sport, there are sports pages at the back of every newspaper, our government and big brands invest billions in sport every year.

    Yet, until now, women haven’t had equal access to sport and all the joys and benefits it offers.

    Sport reflects and magnifies key gender issues in society. The momentous shift in women’s sport since 2012 is in line with the ‘fourth wave’ of feminism and its focus on empowering women to ensure greater female representation in politics and business.

    Attitudes around women have changed. From women’s bodies to women’s rights, powerful campaigns have seen women collaborate and mobilise to call out harassment and misogyny, demanding equal pay and equal opportunities with the likes of #metoo, No More Page 3, Time’s Up, the Everyday Sexism Project and the Women’s Marches.

    Everyone can play their part in calling out sexism in sport when they see it. Count the number of articles about women’s sport you see in papers, on websites or on radio bulletins, and when it’s not equal to men’s coverage, make some noise about it on social media. Back campaigns that support equal pay and coverage. If you’re a fan of a men’s football, rugby or cricket team encourage them to invest equally in their women’s teams too.

    Celebrate the brands and organisations that are choosing backing women’s sport - buy their products to show your support.

    Watch more women’s sport as a spectator at live events or when it’s broadcast and encourage others to do the same.

    Encourage the women in your world to enjoy sports at every level.

    Sport matters. Game on.

  • Sue Anstiss has written 9 private updates. You can pledge to get access to them all.

    27th November 2020 25% discount anyone?

    Hello to everyone

    Whilst I am not a big fan of Black Friday and it's drive to make us all by more stuff, the lovely people at Unbound, have just told me that today is #BookFriday and I felt this was something worth sharing. 

    They are offering a 25% discount on any pledges made today (up to £75) using the code BOOKFRIDAY2020 when you check out.

    So, if you can think of any friends or family…

    11th November 2020 294 sleeps to go...

    Did I mention it was a long process to get a book published?

    Next week, the manuscript will be returned to me following its first, big 'structural edit'.

    I'm so excited to see what the editor says - ready for feedback from this expert in the publishing world.

    I'll then have a month to incorporate any sugggested changes, as we work towards ensuring the book is the very best it can be for you…

    1st September 2020 It's finished!

    I am so happy to be sending you this latest update... to let you know that yesterday I finished writing Game On! 

    All 72,389 words have now been sent off to my wonderful publishers at Unbound, and so begins the next stage in the as their team start editing, proofing, designing the cover, layout, marketing to book sellers, printing etc all ahead of publication in 2021. 

    I have absolutely loved…

    21st July 2020 In the home straight...

    It's been an exciting week for "Game On". 

    Firstly I've reached 58,000 words - 58,134 to be precise - and I have just three chapters left to complete before I can submit the manuscript to the publishers. I had hoped to have my draft finished for the end of August, but it looks like it might be a little sooner at this rate. 

    Then starts the fascinating process of editing, proofing, designing…

    18th June 2020 Thanking you all

    Hello to my lovely supporters - all 483 of you! 

    It's such a tough time for so many people right now, which makes me all the more grateful to everyone who has so kindly pledged for 'Game On'.

    It was really exciting to reach 100% funding this month - especially as it's such a short space of time since the crowdfunding page was launched. Not only that, but people have carried on supporting the…

    20th May 2020 Exciting news - Best Sports Podcast

    Hoping everyone is staying safe and well.

    I wanted to update all my lovely backers (there's now 355 of you and the book is 63% funded!) with some exciting news.

    It was announced yesterday that my podcast, The Game Changers, has been shortlisted for ‘Best Sports Podcast’ in the British Podcast Awards 2020. I am absolutely thrilled. 

    Sadly there’s no glitzy awards night to attend this year…

    7th May 2020 We're 50% funded!


    Wonderful this morning to see that the 'Game On' project is now 51% funded with 264 kind supporters on board. 

    Thank you to each and everyone one of you for your pledge. Loving that we now have this fantastic group of individuals all backing women's sport. 

    It's been a busy few days reaching out to people - mainly on LinkedIn - and encouraging them to pledge. So many kind messages…

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  • Cliona Foley
    Cliona Foley asked:

    Good luck with this, looking forward to reading it. Just wondering if you have a rough idea yet when ‘Game On’ will be finished & go to print?

    Sue Anstiss
    Sue Anstiss replied:

    Thanks so much for your kind pledge Cliona. I am anticipating it will be printed in 2021 all things being well. Sue