Galactic Keegan: The Novel

By Scott Innes

The year: 2023. After Earth is decimated by pestilence and war, mankind attempts to colonise a distant planet. Here, Kevin Keegan sets up his new football academy...

Monday, 10 December 2018

Over halfway there!

Hello everyone,

Well, just under three weeks in and Galactic Keegan: The Novel is already over 50% of the way towards its funding target! My ambitious aim prior to the launch was to perhaps reach that stage by Christmas, so to be there already is fantastic progress - I'm absolutely delighted and it's really all thanks to you. I'm so grateful for all the pledges, retweets, shares and general goodwill, it all helps to get the book out there to people who might otherwise have missed it. There's still a way to go yet of course, so please do continue to spread the word and tell your friends - even those who don't particularly like football, as the book is written to appeal to fans and non-fans in equal measure, as well as to people who've followed @GalacticKeegan from the early days and those who've never seen a single tweet.

The novel is already written so if it reaches its target, the process of turning the manuscript into an actual book can begin in earnest - I'm really excited/terrified about the idea of everyone being able to read it at last.

In the meantime, for anyone who follows the account on Twitter please do forgive me if I have to tweet/retweet about it a lot - it's the only way of ensuring that it's seen by as many people as possible. Be assured that I feel very self-conscious and embarrassed about having to sell myself like this but needs must! If you're interested, I was recently invited for an interview on a local radio station, so you can listen to me sounding terribly nervous (and with an accompanying photo that makes me look like a frightened substitute geography teacher) right here.

Thanks again for being a part of this project and for supporting it as you have done - it really means the world to me. Onwards!


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