Galactic Keegan: The Novel

By Scott Innes

The year: 2023. After Earth is decimated by pestilence and war, mankind attempts to colonise a distant planet. Here, Kevin Keegan sets up his new football academy...

Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Full steam ahead

Hi everyone,


Every email you’ve received over the past six weeks or so will no doubt have begun with the sender hoping you are keeping well during these strange times, so here’s one more for the pile. I hope you and yours are coping as well as possible with everything that’s going on. I just wanted to send out a quick message to confirm that, despite the current state of things, the Galactic Keegan book will still be published as scheduled on 28th May – less than a month away! Terrifying. While on a personal level I’m gutted about the fact that it’s now highly unlikely I’ll be able to go to a bookshop to see the book out there in the wild on publication day, I do hope that the novel might perhaps prove to be a useful distraction from things and provide a few laughs during this weird period in modern human history. I always wanted it to be a warm-hearted and uncynical tale and I feel like the world probably needs a lot more of that sort of thing right now.


Although current factors have caused some delays, I’m assured that everyone who pledged towards the book will still get their copies in advance of the publication date as planned, hopefully at some point over the next few weeks – I can’t give an exact date but it is definitely imminent! I really cannot wait for you all to receive yours at long last. I’m very grateful for your patience as I know it’s been a little while since you pledged to make this book happen – the road to publication is a very long one, even in a situation like this where the first draft of the book was already written before funding began.


Another bit of exciting news – there’ll be an audiobook edition to follow over the next few months! I’m thrilled about that, it’ll be available via Audible and all the usual routes. The exact release date for that is still TBC due to Current Factors but it will hopefully appear at some point over the early summer.


I’m not sure whether there’ll be any further updates from me on here after this one – you never know! – but either way, I wish you all good health and I very much hope that you enjoy your upcoming journey to Palangonia. I know that I loved every moment of my time there.


All the best,



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Lisa McLaren
 Lisa McLaren says:

Oh wow, an audiobook sounds amazing!

posted 29th April 2020

Peter Fry
 Peter Fry says:

Hi Scott, tks for the good wishes - same to you and yours. Can't wait for the book - congrats on seeing it through to the end.

posted 30th April 2020

Gareth John
 Gareth John says:

Please, please, please get the real Kevin Keegan to do the audiobook.

posted 30th April 2020

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