Galactic Keegan: The Novel

By Scott Innes

The year: 2023. After Earth is decimated by pestilence and war, mankind attempts to colonise a distant planet. Here, Kevin Keegan sets up his new football academy...

Monday, 9 March 2020

Almost ready...

Hi everyone,

Apologies for the silence since my previous update in November - but fear not, all is progressing smoothly and the publication date in May is suddenly looming very large on the horizon.

The book has now passed the required stages and jumped through all the various hoops en route to publication and with the final minor tweaks now submitted and some snazzy chapter heading illustrations added, Galactic Keegan will be heading to the printers within the next few weeks! You should receive a confirmation email from Unbound when this officially happens but I just wanted to let you all know that it was imminent. The publishing process can feel like a very slow one for sure, though if it helps produce a better and shinier final product at the end of it, then so much the better - and needless to say I'd want everyone who was generous enough to have supported this project to feel as happy with the finished book as I certainly do. I really can't wait for you all to read it at last.

Although the book officially goes out into the world on 28th May, you loyal pledgers should receive your copies in advance of that. I'm told the likelihood is currently some time in early May, however there's still an outside chance it could even be before the end of April - which is really not very far away at all.

Excitingly, there might also be an audiobook edition to follow and potentially even a small launch event, possibly in Brighton, around the time of the book's publication though that's still an embryonic idea at this stage and I really shouldn't jinx it - as ever, once I know, you'll know.

We're very much on the final stretch now - thanks so much once again for your support (and your patience!) as the journey nears its end...

All the best,


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