Galactic Keegan: The Novel

By Scott Innes

The year: 2023. After Earth is decimated by pestilence and war, mankind attempts to colonise a distant planet. Here, Kevin Keegan sets up his new football academy...

Saturday, 5 January 2019

80% funded!

Hi everyone,

Just a quick update to mark the fact that Galactic Keegan: The Novel has today hit the 80% mark - I'm over the moon with that, to have almost 600 people back this project is a real thrill and very humbling. I'm chuffed that so many people want to see the book become a reality.

Please do continue to spread the word if you can and if you follow the Twitter account, thanks for being patient with all the tweets and retweets about the book - it's just important to maintain the momentum, keep it in people's minds and hopefully prompt any undecideds to give it a go.

Unbound added a new pledge level this week for a signed edition of the book and it's proved quite popular so far (which is a bit of a shock to me!). If you've pledged for the regular paperback edition but would prefer a signed copy instead, you can upgrade your existing pledge via your Unbound account (

Thanks again for supporting this project, I really do appreciate it - I've dreamed of turning the adventures of Keegan, Gerry, Barrington12 and the rest into a book for many years now and to be this close to making it happen is really quite something. 

Onwards to 100%!



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