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Thursday, 19 March 2020

Fully Funded FUTURES!

A small ray of light in these difficult times.

FUTURES is 100% funded, the manuscripts are coming in, and people can now pledge for the the digital edition, at a bargain £15 for all five essays. Please share the link with anyone you know who might be interested.  https://unbound.com/books/futures

As a thank you… and to entice you to encourage a friend (or three) to buy, here’s a selection of taster quotes from four of our five essayists…

Vinay Gupta – The Future of Stuff



“There’s no such thing as a car.


At least, there’s no such stand-alone object called a car. If you think of the car as the ‘figure’ in the Gestalt sense, the ‘ground’ on which the car stands is literally a road made just for the car. The car may have a tank of gas in it, but there better be another tank of gas right behind that one when it runs dry, or the car becomes a particularly expensive and impractical paper weight.”

Grace Campbell – The Future of Men


“I like to think of men as my muse. I was  taught that  male artists like Picasso had women as their muses. But we all know – don’t we? – that men make the best muses.”

Bidisha – The Future of Serious Art



“As machines colonise more and more of what humans do, there will be a reassessment of what it is that artists do, what makes them unique and important; that they are very much more than ‘content providers’ supplying the last-minute colour and gloss on the surface of things.”

Frankie Boyle – The Future of British Politics


“I’m not a total pessimist: I think that even after a nuclear war, human civilisation will probably live on, in the stories of super-advanced cockroaches trying to work out where they got cancer from.”

Stay as safe as possible, everyone.

More soon

Lisa and the FUTURES team

PS: Nearly all of our special editions have sold out, but if you’re quick and a Grace Campbell fan/a Pink Protester, you can still nab the Ultimate Feminist edition, with your copy of The Future of Men signed by the whole Pink Protest crew. But don’t hang about! https://unbound.com/books/futures

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