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Friday, 20 December 2019

Exclusive Christmas pressie for art lovers!

Hi everyone

Firstly, a huge thank you to all of you for supporting FUTURES so far. We've now reached 1/3rd of our target but we really need you to keep spreading the word with colleagues, friends, family – anyone looking for last minute Christmas presents – to make this project happen.

*New pledge alert*

This week, we have a new limited edition pledge from Bidisha – broadcaster, filmmaker, journalist, and the author of The Future of Serious Art

For just £100, you can get a gorgeous limited edition fine art photographic print from her still-life series, plus all 5 books, signed by the authors.

There are only 5 pledges available so tell your friends to get in there fast!

Plus, have a read of the Q&A with Bidisha below to see why she's excited about this project and how she'll go about writing her essay.

Bidisha: The Serious Art edition. £100

Bidisha is offering a gorgeous limited edition fine art photographic print from her series depicting still lives and votive objects.

Your pledge includes

  • All 5 books, signed by the authors.
  • Your name printed in the back of each book.
  • One original A5 print (unframed) signed by Bidisha (worth £100)
  • Limited to 5.

Pledge today – and have a fabulous festive break


Q & A with Bidisha
Bidisha is a broadcaster, film-maker, and journalist who specialises in international affairs, social justice issues, arts and culture, and international human rights. 

What attracted you to writing for the FUTURES essay series?
The chance to write an essay, to go deep with my thoughts and be reflective rather than reactive. To try to break this mass addiction so many of us (including me) have to breaking news, comment and reaction and get back to a slow, more contemplative approach. And for the essay to be published in a gorgeous edition. I'm looksy. I like beautiful, elegant things. 

Why did you choose to write The Future of Serious Art?
I've been watching and living through many swift and dramatic changes for creative artists over the last few decades. I've seen how economic, political, technological and cultural changes have impacted on the way creative people form (or are prevented from forming) a body of work and developing a career which lasts throughout their life and gets the recognition and support it deserves. There is so much talent, creativity, energy and vision out there. But is it being seen and lifted up? Are opportunities available? Is the educational support there? Is there a clear path from creating in your mind and your bedroom to actually getting out there? Who's let in and who is shut out? All these questions are more urgent than ever before. 

How are you going to approach writing your essay?
I don't usually write in personal terms and while this essay will not be a memoir - I'm 100% sure nobody on the planet is interested in reading the story of my rackety freelance career - I will write the essay wth a relaxed, personal and personable tone. All of the cultural and economic changes I'll be writing about are things I have observed and experienced. I am going through the same challenges, including the poverty and inequality, not just observing them at a distance from my study. So this will be a personal, first-person take. I also think a loosely relaxed first-person style works well for an essay of this size, in this stopic, because polemics and preaching don't work. Shouting at someone to come over to your side has failed. There's enough yelling and sloganeering in public life as it is.

Which other essay in this set are you most looking forward to reading & why?
All of them, of course. It's bad diplomacy to single out favourites. We make a fine and handsome set of minds. I hope this turns into a long-running series.

Please will you make one prediction for us?
It will all get worse and worse before Mother Nature loses patience, goes full Old Testament and shakes us humans off her with 40 days and 40 nights of hellfire, hail and floods. It's already begun.

Watch Bidisha's film – An Impossible Poison

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