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Friday, 13 December 2019

30% funded, new pledge levels and a Q&A with Grace Campbell

Welcome to our second FUTURES update.

Thanks to all of you, we've now reached 30% of our target and have sold out of our Editor's Annotated Editions pledges. We're making good progress but we're going to need your help to make FUTURES happen so please keep sharing with friends. 

*New pledge alert*

This week, we have two new pledges from Grace Campbell - comedian, activist and author-to-be of The Future of Men:

  • The Pink Protest Edition – £60
    • 1 bundle of 5 books.
      Your copy of The Future of Men signed by the Pink Protest (Grace Campbell, Scarlett Curtis, Honey Ross and Alice Skinner).
      Exclusive Pink Protest t-shirt.
      Limited to 5.

  • The Ultimate Feminist Edition – £85
    • 1 bundle of 5 books.
      Your copy of The Future of Men signed by the Pink Protest (Grace Campbell, Scarlett Curtis, Honey Ross and Alice Skinner).
      Full range of Pink Protest Merchandise: Sweatshirt, T-Shirt and Backpack.

If you're quick, you can snap up one of Grace's unique rewards. One for yourself, and another as the perfect Christmas gift for the young feminist in your life. We also have exciting offers from Frankie Boyle that are selling out fast… and will soon be releasing rewards from the other authors. So pledge now, keep your eyes peeled for future updates, and please keep telling your friends and family about FUTURES.

Thanks for pledging – and for reading this


Q&A with Grace Campbell

This week comedian, activist and author-to-be of The Future of Men, Grace Campbell answers my questions.

What attracted you to writing for the FUTURES essay series?
I have never written in this format before and I’m really excited to explore the topic of men in the medium of a short book. It’s a great way to explore and understand an issue and I think the concept of the future series is great. 

Why did you choose to write The Future of Men?
Because men have always fascinated me from a very young age. I think the relationship between men and feminism is very confused right now and I want to see if I can use my life’s experiences to solve that in some way. 

How are you going to approach writing your essay?
I’ve been planning and drawing ideas from my stand up material in regards to experiences that I enjoy talking about. Then I guess I’ll just start writing. 

Which other essay in this set are you most looking forward to reading & why?
I’m really looking forward to reading all of them but if it were one it would have to be Frankie Boyle’s. I’m such a big fan of his in regards to his comedy and his writing and I’m sure what he has to say about the future of British politics will be important reading. 

And finally, what else should I have asked you?
You should have asked me whether or not I’m optimistic about the future of men. And the answer is I won’t know until I’ve written this essay. 


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