By Tom Woodman and Rupert Smissen

A full-colour science fiction graphic novel about love, hope and the end of the Earth

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Future’s Future looks bright!

Hi everyone! Firstly, thanks for following Future’s progress, you’re delightful.

Everything’s going wonderfully. We’ve been featured by Broken Frontier, Sirens of Sequentials, been in Unbound’s newsletter, and have lots of other interviews and whatnot set up.

Moreover, the art for Chapter 1 is COMPLETE, and the crowdfund has hit 17%, meaning they’re keeping perfect pace! We’ll carry on working on the former - if you’d like to help with the latter, contact anyone who might be interested in Future, do a status/tweet about it, or upgrade to one of our fancy new pledge levels!  

We’re working out our long-term lettering process today (you’d be amazed by the complexity of making a comic if you’ve never done it), as well as discussing options for Free Comic Book Day 2019. All I can say is that backers of the comic will receive the first full chapter (1/5) digitally on 4 May, as a thank you for your support.

See you for the next update!

Tom and Rupert

p.s. Next time we'll be doing a video update, so look forward to our cheerful faces. 

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