By Tom Woodman and Rupert Smissen

A full-colour science fiction graphic novel about love, hope and the end of the Earth

Monday, 29 July 2019

Arts Council Funding

Hello everyone,

Excellent news - we've received an Arts Council grant! Not only does this help with a lot of our behind-the-scenes costs, but it's official recognition of the quality of the project, which is a huge bonus.

We want to thank those of you who have backed Future before we even knew it was a culturally significant piece of art, back when it was just a fun book about Kay and Murray in space. Ah heck, it's both.

Now, if you know anyone teetering on the edge of backing the book, or if you fancy getting some original art from us, the Arts Council support your decision! And so does Kay:



The Future Team

p.s. ANOTHER big announcement coming soon? Look forward to it!

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