Fukushima Dreams

By Zelda Rhiando

A gripping literary thriller set in post-tsunami Japan, where a missing child continues to haunt his parents long after the waves have receded.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Why Unbound?

So, I had an interesting conversation in the pub yesterday about why I'm crowdfunding this book with Unbound, instead of self-publishing, which is how my first book came out. I learnt many things publishing Caposcripti. I had already been working in digital publishing, producing ebooks and apps for the likes of Penguin and Tate Publishing - so the actual production was pretty easy. I found a good printer for the physical copies, James Wallis helped with the proofing, and Caposcripti sold out 4 print editions and lots of digital copies. I recorded an audio version, which has had 50K+ listens, from people around the world. So, I discovered I had an audience.

So far so good. But what happened when I tried to send review copies to the mainstream press? Or get the book into bookshops? Or enter it into writing competitions? The answer was the same: self-published books not eligible. 

Distribution is hard!

Unbound has a fairly unique model: demonstrate that you have an audience, that people have an appetite for the book, and they'll nurture your work - provide an editor, expert cover designers, pr...and crucially access to mainstream shops and press once the book is published.

I'd rather write than spend all my energies on these problems. Fukushima Dreams is ready to go, and I'm working on the next book. A deal that gives me the freedom to focus on my work is amazing.

So that's what I decided to do. It wasn't an easy decision, because I'm a bit of a perfectionist, and used to doing everything myself. In the end, crowdfunding is a decision to trust others - and that's never easy. It's like diving into a deep pool, knowing that you can't swim.

I'm jumping. Please catch me!

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