From Crimea with Love

By Jason Salkey

A memoir from the actor who played Rifleman Harris on Sharpe's Rifles

Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Reaching the next level!

Just a quick note to say a huge thank you for your support of my cherished project and of course for your patience while it’s in the production process. After putting the manuscript through five drafts it was finally handed over to Unbound’s capable hands and I'm told the book is currently well under way with it’s ‘structural edit’. Once that is done I’ll be given a few pointers and suggestions on how to further improve the text; hopefully with photos decided upon and permissions secured I imagine the manuscript will be ready sometime later this year. Stay tuned to this space for further updates. Again, thank you for making this project a reality! Jason

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Alison Hull
 Alison Hull says:

Great to hear it's moving on well.

posted 4th February 2020

Adele James
 Adele James says:

Fabulous news, sir, and very well deserved. Can't wait to see it! Xx

posted 4th February 2020

Lesley Wells
 Lesley Wells says:

Great news, Jason! Thanks for the update. Good to hear it's all coming along. Looking forward to the finished article. xx

posted 4th February 2020

Andy Wells-Gaston
 Andy Wells-Gaston says:

Fantastic news! Cant wait to read it.

posted 4th February 2020

Carolyn Stiegler
 Carolyn Stiegler says:

Looking forward to reading your book, Jason. Hurry up - I'm not getting any younger!!

posted 4th February 2020

Gary Everson
 Gary Everson says:

Can't wait, thanks for the update :-)

posted 4th February 2020

Alex Salmon
 Alex Salmon says:

Great news Jason. Look forward to future up dates.

posted 4th February 2020

Kristin R. Adams
 Kristin R. Adams says:

Thank you so much for the update! I am still super excited about this project, and I can't wait to read this fascinating volume. You are so awesome for continuing to be passionate about this incredible story, and I wish you well on your own personal journey through all of this. Cheers!

posted 4th February 2020

Charlie Snr
 Charlie Snr says:

Great news Jason. Thanks for the update Really looking forward to recieving & reading this.

posted 4th February 2020

Allen Hammack
 Allen Hammack says:

Your Chosen Men (and women!) are looking forward to it! Please keep the deleted text--maybe you can make PDFs and send it to the supporters later! :)

posted 4th February 2020

Elaine Jackson
 Elaine Jackson says:

Brilliant news! As a writer myself I know how long it can take from first draft to publication, so I look forward to the next update!

posted 4th February 2020

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