Four Feet Under

By Tamsen Courtenay

Thirty homeless people share the secrets of their lives, through first-hand accounts, conversations and intimate photographs

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Update #5

Dearest All

I think last time I wrote I was just about to get on a plane to London to see if I could make any noise about 'our' book which was then only days away from being born.

Well, I did make a noise. And more importantly, I think the noise was actually heard.


I did 5 radio interviews, one live interview on TV on London Live (now that was dedication to the cause, I tell you - how nervous was I before?!) and a couple of 'talks'. I think you know that the Guardian had Four Feet Under as their Book of the Day and the Observer, too, wrote a socking great review.

Not bad for a book about people that are NEVER heard, eh?

I was incredibly tired by the time I got back to Italy and went to bed for 36 hours to eat Italian ice-cream and watch Netflix under the covers. Not very 'authorly' for sure, but exactly what I needed.

Now a couple of things to tell/ask you and they are important

1. A few people have had some probs with their copy of the book arriving. Now, if you haven't received yours please check your pledge reward over in your account and if you weren't due a digital copy only get in touch with Unbound, by email to

2. As you know, I have manged to figure out who most of you amazing people are, by using social media and my (brilliant) investigative skills. However, there are some of you whose names are all I have and everything else about you remains a mystery - most probably exactly how you want it!

Anyway this bit is directed at you guys .... (by the end of this you'll be glad you remained so elusive) ... can you all take a few moments and (assuming of course you have actually read your book) go on to its Amazon page and leave a review. I know it's a pain but it is apparently extremely important - seems daft that we've all done so much to get this far and not do this little thing right at the end.

Just so you know how serious I am about this, this is what those who I did manage to track down have been bombarded with!

Anyhow, things seem to be going well and as soon as I have something new to report I'l get back in touch.

Take care all of you

Love Tam



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