Four Feet Under

By Tamsen Courtenay

Thirty homeless people share the secrets of their lives, through first-hand accounts, conversations and intimate photographs

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

#1 Update

This is my immense thank you to my Top Drawer Twenty (you know who you are) ... seeing your names there, on the Pledge page, makes me really believe that this project will become a book. A proper, glorious book.
It's what I have always wanted, since that very first day when I set off into London and spoke to Melissa - the first homeless person I ever sat with and listened to - and realised that homeless people actually have a very strong voice. It's just that not many poeple get the chance to hear it.


We will - together - make sure that their voice spreads far and wide.

I promise to work hard to try and getting the funding completed as soon as I can. No easy thing, but you guys can consider yourselves my inspiration!

Oh, and if any of you have any quesions about anything to do with the book and the stories just let me know ...

Till next time
Tam x

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