Four Chancellors and a Funeral

By Russell Jones

The sequel nobody wants. After a decade of the Tories, could it get any worse? Spoiler - it does.

Tuesday, 19 September 2023

The book is finished!

Hi everybody,

First, let me just say a massive thank you to everybody who has backed this book. It still astonishes me how kind and generous you lot are, although perhaps it shouldn’t: you consistently show how decent you are, and this is just another example.

I’d also add a huge thank you to people who support any book in this way. Tell friends and family about Unbound. You wouldn’t believe how important it is to authors, knowing there is a market for their work, and feeling the support of the thousands of people placing their trust in us. Writing tends to be a solitary pursuit, and it's generally a good thing to write for yourself, rather than trying to please an audience. So it’s easy to spend a year looking inwards, and lose any sense of the reader. Seeing your support reconnects me with the world, and that’s never a bad thing.

Plus, it helps to pay for my cheesecake habit, and keeps the dog in chew-sticks. Baxter says thanks.

This is supposed to be a progress report, and to put it bluntly, progress has been good. The book is finished, fact-checked, subjected to the tender-yet-terrifying warnings of a small army of lawyers, edited, tweaked, refined, percolated, purified, primped and is now ready to be mecilessly pimped around the nation’s bookshops. The final proofs are finished, the galleys have been… galleyed? … the cover is designed, the pages numbered, and (assuming no more typos are found) it’ll be winding its way to the printers as soon as possible.

I probably shouldn’t say this, because we’re all supposed to be aloof about our achievements, and gifted with bottomless modesty about the thing we’ve just spent a year battling to make as good as possible; but I’m really proud of this one. I think it’s very funny and punchy, and I can’t wait for your reaction. I think you'll love it, and if you don't, at least it's heavy enough to be really effective when hurled from a barricade.

And now I’m going to rest for a while.

Thank you for backing books. Any books. They remain a wonder, and helping them into life is a marvellous thing to do.


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Mark Dennison
 Mark Dennison says:

Cannot wait to read it, especially since you left twitter, making the ratio of right wing nuts and conspiracy theorists: normal people slightly higher

posted 19th September 2023

Debbie Pearce
 Debbie Pearce says:

I'm SO looking forward to reading this. Miss your acerbic wit on twitter a great deal.

posted 19th September 2023

Neil Crane
 Neil Crane says:

Very much looking forward to this dropping through my letterbox. I'm expecting the usual one to one ratio of horrified and greatly amused.

posted 19th September 2023

Heather Jones
 Heather Jones says:

Wonderful, I can't wait to read it. As a Refugee from Twitter X,Y or Z, or whatever it is, I have missed The Week In Tory. Hoping desperately that, while I don't have particularly high hopes for the other lot, they won't be quite so exhausting

posted 19th September 2023

Lewis Orrow
 Lewis Orrow says:

Outstanding! However, I may need yet more counselling after screaming with rage and howling with laughter in turn at The Decade in Tory. My counsellor says thanks btw….from his villa in the Algarve.

posted 19th September 2023

Janet Carberry
 Janet Carberry says:

Can’t wait to get my copy, and to read it. Have been missing the week in Tory.

posted 19th September 2023

Kit Byatt
 Kit Byatt says:

This post is a ray of sunshine in a grey, dull & thundery time (both literally & metaphorically!).
I am delighted that things have progressed so well, and you have every right to both feel proud of yourself: just for the fact of finishing on time—never mind the content, about which I have no doubt, and much eager anticipation!
I hope you collapse in a comfy heap with Baxter (give him a scruggle from me), and can decompress a bit; you have certainly earned it. Can't wait to read it!!!

posted 20th September 2023

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