By David Henningham

A haunting experimental novel set on the Essex coast during the Cold War.

Friday, 7 January 2022

Foulness Awarded Arts Council England Grant!

On Christmas Eve I received an email from Arts Council England...

Thinking surely they'd only send good news on 24th December, I quickly logged onto the system to find we had indeed been awarded a substantial grant towards making the handmade editions of Foulness! It's a terrific endorsement. But how does a grant effect the ongoing crowdfunding campaign?  

Put simply, the grant means all pledges for handmade editions will unlock extra funding towards our goal:

ACE has matched every pledge over £60 with £30 of additional funding!

These tiers are as follows:

  1. Avocet
  2. Avocet (exocet)
  3. Oystercatcher
  4. Turnstone     

​If you prevously supported one of these tiers no action is required, we have aleady applied your extra funding. 

Upgrading from Kittiwake (£20) to higher tiers.

If you want to upgrade from the paperback version to one of these tiers at any time, here are instructions on how to do so: Helpdesk - upgrade my level of support

Additional features:

  • large format
  • full colour photograph sections
  • die-cut cover
  • hand-stitched and bound
  • signed

Please note, an upgrade would mean receiving a different reward.   

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