By David Henningham

A haunting experimental novel set on the Essex coast during the Cold War.

Friday, 24 March 2023

Celebrating 50%! Seaweed Paper!

We've passed 50% of our total! Thank you to all the new arrivals to Foulness!

Thank you also to our supporters who've been with us on the journey thus far.


Now, we want to introduce you all to Megan and G.F Smith papers.

G.F Smith were paper merchants to Virginia Woolf, and they've kept up their tradition of visiting studios, no matter how small. Megan, our sales rep, likes to lay down a challenge. So far she's given us paper made from beer, leather, hemp and concrete; to see what we'll make of it. This week she dropped onto the kitchen table, as if dropping a gauntlet, paper made from seaweed! 

(above: Megan's paper samples)

Notpla is ingenious. It doesn't matter where it ends up in the world, the ecosystem will know how to deal with it. It replaces many plastic substrates. Using it to make elements of our handmade edition will highlight how beautiful it looks, and what could be more appropriate for a book set on the Essex coast than seaweed paper!

We will also be using Gmund Urban concrete paper, because Cold War concrete is the another essential ingredient for the Foulness Island on your bookshelf.    

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