By David Henningham

A haunting experimental novel set on the Essex coast during the Cold War.

Monday, 17 January 2022

Bird Postcards and Proofs: New Rewards Available Now!

We are delighted to announce three new Foulness rewards have become available HERE on Unbound.  Available both as new pledges or upgrades.

  1. £30 - Kittiwake (plus): first edition paperback, and a bonus book of 10 colour postcards reproducing bird paintings by David Henningham. These will be appearing gradually on social media as I do them. You can see three preparatory sketches above.
  2. £40 - Kittiwake (juvenile): your first edition paperback will be preceded by a signed and numbered proof copy of the novel 6 months before publication. Not only will you be able to read it early, you'll see the changes we make in the editing process
  3. £80 - Kittiwake (Book Club):.five copies of the first edition paperback for price of four. Plus you get to add five names and/or your book club name to the back of the book. 

Any existing subscribers interested in these rewards need not miss out. You can upgrade your reward at any time by visiting your account. Click HERE to find out how.

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