A Year in the Life: Adventures in British Subcultures

By Lucy Leonelli

An A to Z of British subcultures

Tuesday, 22 June 2021

What? No more editing?!

I can't quite believe it but I have just sent back my final edit of A Year in the Life, following our completion of the legal read and a couple of small amendments. This is the culmination of FIVE YEARS of editing, and over 100 drafts of this book, which is both a huge relief and pretty darn terrifying as I don't get to make any changes from now on. Yikes! 

Next up is typeset and cover design - the most fun part. We are already throwing around some ideas of what the cover might look like and I should have something to share with you really soon. Sqweeee!!!!

Thanks for supporting me and reading this far... we're so close now :) 




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