A Year in the Life: Adventures in British Subcultures

By Lucy Leonelli

An A to Z of British subcultures

Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Fear of Missing Out on a better title

… so, how many of you had to Google the meaning of FOMO when you first saw the title for my book? Well, even if it was only a few of you, that's probably still too many, and the consensus from my wonderful publishing team at Unbound is that this unfamiliar acronym will likely be lost on a lot of people, and this adorable confused dog face will reign ↓ . So the BIG NEWS this week is that we are officially changing the title to something that almost certainly makes a lot more sense.

“A Year in the Life; Adventures in British Subcultures”.

For those of you who share my affliction, don't worry, FOMO will still be a major theme of the book, we are just pivoting to a title that actually explains the book a whole lot better. 'What a sensible decision Lucy' I hear you say, 'how very unlike you'. Erm, thanks, I guess. 

In other news... well... there isn't any. I’m still busy working my way through the copy edit, but I promise to have another update for you soon. 

Thank you again wonderful supporters. 



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Charles Everett
 Charles Everett says:

Yes I had to Google FOMO. And it definitely needs to include.. Adventure in British subcultures

posted 11th March 2021

Jimmy McPaul
 Jimmy McPaul says:

ooo.. "Adventures in British Subcultures." ..that's Smashing, Hun'! :D

posted 12th March 2021

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