A Feast of Folklore

By Ben Gazur

From witch cake to wassailing, strange stories of Britain's food.

Tuesday, 1 March 2022

Happy Pancake Day!

Hope everyone is making some pancakes tonight.

Here are a couple of tips from British food history to make the day even more festive!

First when you toss your pancakes make sure there are real consequences to messing it up. It used to be that whatever happened to your pancake you had to eat it. Yes, from the floor. Yes, even if you had to wrestle it from the mouth of your dog. As one folklorist said “The awkwardness of the tossers, who were compelled to eat their share, even if it fell into the fire itself, afforded great diversion.” Don’t be a bad tosser.

Also consider a penalty for anyone who eats their pancakes too slowly. On farms if you had not finished your pancake by the time the next one was made then you might be tumbled out of the house and thrown onto the midden. Honestly, who doesn’t eat their pancakes quickly?

Have a lovely day and thanks so much to everyone who has supported A Feast of Folklore so far. It still needs pledges to get it over the finish line so tell all your friends to support it. Bribe them with pancakes if you have to!

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