Flipping Patriarchy!

By Man Who Has It All

Imagining a world where men are bombarded with the same stereotypical bullsh*t as women.

Feminism | Humour
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Dad's To Do List

A serious list of the top 140 tasks dad should be doing daily, over the school holidays and in the run up to Christmas. If the list is too long, he can delegate jobs to mum.


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Dad’s Family Planner

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Invisible Man

You will receive a signed copy of the paperback but no recognition, credit or thank you. This mirrors the status of countless women who have make incredible contribitions to public life, but remain invisble.
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Flipping Patriarchy! is a new book by the creator of social media smash hit @manwhohasitall whose work exposes the ridiculousness of gender stereotypes one tweet and Facebook post at a time.

"I resist the natural urge to grab my male employees by the testicles because I have a husband, son and father. Otherwise I would."
Claire, CEO

The tweets and posts are funny because they are true. But behind the jokes about penis steaming and crazy cat gentlemen lie deeper, darker messages about language, power and control. Followers often say @manwhohasitall is too close to the bone. This book penetrates the flesh further, exposing a new layer of feminist discomfort and joy.

"Here, have a scented candle and stop moaning.

This is the message from society to the Woman Who Does Too Much. If you are stressed because you are doing all of the things, and your husband is doing none of the things, light a scented candle called Calm and have a long soak in the bath. That’ll fix it. The candle is called ‘Calm’ instead of ‘Calm Down Dear’ because it is not a political candle, it is not gaslighting you directly. But indirectly, these ubiquitous products are instructing women to be calm and quiet. As if a rectangle of wax in a glass jar can melt away the dizzying mental load carried by women, especially mothers. Where are the products that reflect how women really feel? Where is the reed diffuser called ‘Resentment’ or the room spray called ‘Really Fucking Tired’?"

This book of essays highlights the ten big lessons of gender-flipping, with new insights about our sexist and hypocritical society: the danger of it, the absurdity of it and how sexism hides in plain sight. More serious than the social media account, the author will add an additional, deeper layer of thought to the funny tweets and memes. Oppression, it turns out, isn’t always funny. The book will begin with a personal foreword from the creator and end with a chapter about satire as activism.

For the first time ever, we hear the voice of the writer behind the parody social media persona. Find out what they have learned from writing @manwhohasitall for seven years. Is the author a man or a woman? Why did they start the account? How did they get nearly a million followers (80% of whom are women) on social media? And what fresh feminist hell does @manwhohasitall reveal that we didn’t already know? 

In between the essays, the author will tell the fictional story of Claire, CEO and her secretary Liam. Liam alleges that Claire grabbed his penis in a team meeting. Claire says his allegations are patently false. Claire calls Liam a very nasty man. In Claire’s world, you can do anything, grab them by the penis. You can do anything. This satirical story imagines a world where famous women abuse men and get away with it. The results are hilarious, absurd and unsettling.

"The ‘Man Who Has It All’ tweets are funny because they’re true" New York Times
"The tweets capture the daft messages sent to women every day across the media and the real world - and they've touched a nerve" Daily Mirror
"This 'persons' account is simply in existence to push a 'man hating' agenda dressed up as satire" Man on Twitter

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