First in the World Somewhere

By Penny Pepper

A unique memoir of creative purpose, sexual discovery, activism - driven by defiance

Friday, 23 October 2015

Here We Go - thanks all round!

Happy doesn't describe how I feel today. Bouncy, tired, excited, hyper, impossibly pleased as a pleased Penny can be. The lovely folk at Unbound (and I do believe they are quite lovely, it’s not mere botty licking) launched the campaign to get my memoir First in the World funded.

My days are often, ah, rather varied. More on that another day. And being a night owl means I can be a touch naughty with sleep times. Last night around 2am, I wrote a 100 flash fiction, composed some tweets, read some of the magnificent H is for Hawk. In bed yes, sleepy? No chance.

I'm not beating myself up too much. I got through to that euphoric moment. It happened. Goodness effing hell with baubles on. First in the World Somewhere launched!

And thanks to my fabulous friends for starting the process! You are treasures. Please share and coax her friends to pledge an enter Penny World. It's a shocking, cheeky world sometimes. It's a determined activist world at others. But I can almost put a guarantee down that most of the world will not have read anything like it.

Do feel free to ask a question, no matter its nature. I’m here and I’m ready for anything. Go on, be nosy. What was I doing Jan 3rd 1987...?

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Colin Hambrook
 Colin Hambrook says:

Okay... go on Pen... what were you doing Jan 3rd 1987? I'd have been living in Short Life Housing Coop Habberfield in Cemetery Road, Tottenham with George who fell in love with a Japanese girl who wanted him to marry her, so she could stay in the country. I remember REM's Document being the most played album in the house with the iconic 'End of World As We Know It'. Sadly George didn't keep up his love of REM and instead of losing his religion, got sucked in by a Christian cult... such was the impact of his unrequited love.

posted 5th November 2015

Penny Pepper
 Penny Pepper says:

Hi Colin! Jan 3rd 1987. I'm moping. I'm hating the New Year and worrying about my boyfriend Freddie who got drunk the night before. He can't visit and I can hardly visit him. No one to help, no transport, and far too cold. I write out some lyrics and listen to demos of my three tracks in preparation for my single, 'Live Your LIfe which cheers me up. There's a lot of music - yes REM, Nick Drake, Bob Marley. Siouxie and the Banshees version of 'Wheels on Fired' plays over and over. Kate and Me spend a lot of time writing letters about the culling of baby seals in Canada...

posted 10th November 2015

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