First in the World Somewhere

By Penny Pepper

A unique memoir of creative purpose, sexual discovery, activism - driven by defiance

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Drum roll. Scary face. Exciting face. Pledging ENDS midnight tomorrow, May 4th...

A two year journey. Many moments of thinking I'd fail. Of believing this was too much and beyond my best efforts. 

Who on earth would want to read about some shy little brat from an arse end council estate in the Chalfonts? The timid crip girl who used words to survive Thatcher, prejudice and retaliate against a life not worth living? Who got punked. Who got a best friend. Who got to London. Who dared to have a lot of sex. Who made an LP. Who did things They said that Penny never would, or never could, 

I'm pleased and thankful that you did want to read about all this, my lovely supporters. I hope in the coming months I repay your faith and belief in me. Enjoy the ride, come and meet me!

I'm a bit of a cobwebbed creaky Penny these days and need dusting and oiling regularly, but I'm here, I'm raring to tell tales, create and share with you. There will be more, so much more.

Here's to that journey! And it starts its new direction when pledging closes tomorrow, May 4th, at midnight. Please share, buy a name in the book as a gift? It all helps to clear the roads ahead...

all good things 

THANK YOU. To Unbound, to my friends, to family. And to my beautiful supporters.

Penny X 

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Linda Watson
 Linda Watson says:

Has this book been written? When is it coming out?

posted 3rd May 2017

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