Financial Feminism: A Woman's Guide To Investing for a Sustainable Future

By Jessica Robinson

If you want to change the world, the first step is to become more financially savvy

Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Big news ...

Wow … last week was a big week for me, in a good way. By far the most exciting event was submitting the manuscript for my book to the wonderful team at Unbound (oh and of course the celebration that followed!). “Financial Feminism – A Women’s Guide to Investing for a Sustainable Future” is one massive step closer to hitting the shelves.

After five months and 65,151 words, there was something quite momentous about pressing ‘send’ on the email … a mixture of pride, relief and nerves. I have genuinely loved the process of writing, of crafting a message that I hope is both powerful and practical, of drawing on some of the amazing things that are happening in sustainable investing.

The hardest thing was actually drawing it to a close, only because there is so much more ground to cover. And I could have kept writing and writing. Perhaps I am saving that for the sequel? I am confident that it is a good read - purposely written in an easy style, packed full of data and research, as well as inspiring thoughts and comments from some of the phenomenal women who are doing great things out there.

While the book reflects both my personal and professional journey, more importantly, I believe it can play a small part in a much bigger shift. A shift that is taking hold across the world, that is about NOT accepting the status quo, that is about wanting something better, for everyone.

With a title like ‘Financial Feminism’, you obviously get that I am focusing on the role that women play! Because women stand at the heart of this new dawn - I know that, I see that, and I feel that, every day. But there is a stronger message in all of this.  Diversity of all shapes and forms really matters, and we urgently need that diversity embedded in every social construct because, right now, our systems are rife with prejudice, imbalance and injustice.

When we look at the impending climate crisis, or the environmental mess that we are in, or the painful social inequalities that so many endure, it’s pretty clear that those dominating our leadership structures don’t have a handle on the situation. This spans our political, economic, social and financial worlds, and this has to change.

How we use our money, how we invest our capital, is just one of the voices we have, but it is an important voice for driving that change. So, a huge thank you to you for your commitment to, and support for, both me and this book – because, at the end of the day, it’s really about how we work together to ensure that these voices are heard. Loud and clear.

Yours thankfully


p.s. notice of the publication date coming soon!

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