Fight Like a Girl

By Della O'Sullivan

A Self Defence Handbook

Monday, 19 July 2021

The Journey So Far....

So, we have reached 14% of funding in the first week!!! 

I just wanted to say a huge THANK-YOU, to all those who have made pledges, and I am so excited to start the rewards process once the book is funded, especially the workshops and one to ones. :) 

 And this first week has not only had growth in the funding, but also in the vision... :)

Interacting with some of you has really allowed me more to work with so that I can make this book the best it possibly can be for the readers. And this was one of the biggest pros for me with choosing unbound publishing; in that, I can really cover every avenue by interacting with you all before it goes onto being published and add more to it as we go along. 

I really want this book to be as inclusive as it possibly can be, and just like at my seminars, I am here to help you! So, if there is something you really feel you would like covered then, please do not hesitate to put that forward. 

For eg; I have added some more content to the chapters, such as variations for people with physical disabilities. I feel this is very rarely covered but the good news is everything is so adaptable, and I have taught these variations in the past, and of course I try and test everything I teach. 

And the chapter on grabs and holds also covers hair pulls (which is often asked about at seminars), and I have covered what to do if someone grabs your Hijab, as unfortunately this sort of attack is now on the rise. 


In summary, it’s been a positive week, and a great start to what I hope will be a successful campaign to get this book fully funded! 

Please keep sharing and keep an eye out for the updates too. I will be adding more rewards as time goes on. 

But for now, thank you for believing in this, and in me. I am filled with gratitude and love for you all. 


Best Wishes 


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