Field Notes

By Maxim Peter Griffin

A remarkable record of what it's like to be in a landscape, from a contributor to Caught By The River. A book of visions; both visual and verbal.

Friday, 18 September 2020

The Lay of the Land

Now then. 

I hope this finds you well and I hope you can forgive my lack of updates.

It's been a grinding few months.

40+ hours of night shifts a week at the pointy end of adult social care, 4 sons to wrangle, the weirdness to navigate...

The plans I had for the making of Field Notes fell apart as soon as the lockdown began - bloodied at the first ditch, tangled in wire and murk - the energy that remained had to be focused elsewhere - everything was either nocturnal or bunker - so it goes.

Time to work the book has been hard to grasp - remains so  - the odd day here or there - but those days do add up.

I reckon Field Notes is half way there now - the drawings I have mustered ( 695 ) are the best I can commit - the text is in progress - the beast is lean and the beast is hungry - I think it might be good. 

Thank you all for the patience and support

All gates open now

Stay frosty 







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Cath Evans
 Cath Evans says:

Thanks for the update, Maxim! I think 2020 has been tough for everyone so I’m not worried about any delays - it’ll happen when it happens. Looking forward to reading it when it’s done! Take care

posted 18th September 2020

Ben Austwick
 Ben Austwick says:

It takes as long as it takes mate x

posted 18th September 2020

Jayne Fletcher-Tomlinson
 Jayne Fletcher-Tomlinson says:

Everything has been affected by events this year Maxim and your family must take priority...que sera, sera. It's going to be a cracker when it's finished!

posted 18th September 2020

Keith Mantell
 Keith Mantell says:

Keep on keeping on - no rush. Looking forward to it but patiently!

posted 18th September 2020

David Walster
 David Walster says:

My dear fellow, there's no rush. Thanks for the update; 2020 has been such a harsh year for all so it's nice to have something of greatness to look forward to. Meanwhile, we continue to enjoy your nightly observations of your walk to work.

posted 18th September 2020

Angie Allen
 Angie Allen says:

Many thanks Max. Love your words and your pictures. It’ll be ready when it’s ready and then it’ll be great.

posted 19th September 2020

Olaf Kirch
 Olaf Kirch says:

Thank you for the update, Maxim - please take the time you need.
A walk is a walk is a walk. And some of the best walks are those where you take a few (voluntary or involuntary) detours and miss the bus...

posted 22nd September 2020

Patrick Robertshaw
 Patrick Robertshaw says:

Greatly appreciate the update, many thanks! As others have said it's been a hard year all round and - as awesome as holding the finished article will eventually be - it's actually rather lovely to have it to look forward to too. Patiently anticipating is its own pleasure.

posted 22nd September 2020

Mat Handley
 Mat Handley says:

Thank you for the update. I think 2020 has a lot to answer for, but I'm absolutely prepared for you to take the time that you need to finish the project. Keep safe, keep sane.

posted 23rd September 2020

Tim O'Leary
 Tim O'Leary says:

Update appreciated. A difficult year for us all. These things can’t be rushed and life has a habit of taking over. The chronically underfunded world of adult social care must take it out of you. I hope you find time for yourself, away from work, sleep or projects pressures. Best wishes and thanks for all you do for those in need of you support and help. Take care.

posted 23rd September 2020

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