Field Notes

By Maxim Peter Griffin

A remarkable record of what it's like to be in a landscape, from a contributor to Caught By The River. A book of visions; both visual and verbal.

Monday, 4 October 2021

The Eastern Horizon

Now then. 

It's been awhile - things have been busy in the Field Notes camp - edits, copy edits, image edits - ideas, changes, teamwork, compromise - all good stuff - stuff that takes time.

Anyway - I'm happy to report that a cover has been approved and is ready to roll out - the plan is to set it loose on Thursday - ecstatic goose action.

Things will be picking up pace for Field Notes from now on - there'll be proofs and layouts - fonts to agree on - campaigns to plan - lunchboxes to design - an action figure range etc etc

Meanwhile - work continues on the follow ups - I'll be finished on MOTHER SKY: Devil Choirs at the Gates of Heaven in March 22  and NORTH SEA FURY will make itself known over the winter - ecstatic goose action. 

take it steady - keep looking east




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